Plans are nothing, planning is everything.

Attributed to Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969)
U.S. Army General and President of the U.S.A.



For many years Meet The Chiefs successfully worked with C3i Defence Watch. To most the two seemed as one. This relationship was concluded by mutual agreement in December 2019.

In response to urging from Australian industry to fill a market gap in Canberra with a Canberra-based entity, Meet The Chiefs Pty Ltd was established in April 2020 to offer up-to-date Industry Briefings responsive to industry needs, in a safe pandemic environment. Meet The Chiefs prices are below the pre -pandemic level in recognition of current business conditions. The National Press Club of Australia offered to be the normal venue for Meet The Chiefs. Meet The Chiefs functions are advertised by the National Press Club on their Coming Events webpage. Links are embedded in each Meet The Chiefs industry briefing invitation or clients can search the NPC website for all past and upcoming events.

Payment can be made through the National Press Club website for individual bookings.

Table and Sponsorship bookings are made directly with Meet The Chiefs by Tax Invoice / Bank Transfer or Corporate Card (pre-arranged EFTPOS in Canberra). National Press Club Corporate Accounts may be used to make payments and Corporate Card payments can also be made directly with National Press Club staff over the phone. Email your requirements to

Normal Order of Industry Briefing Proceedings

Actual timing on the day is dependent upon the number of speakers in the program and can be adjusted.

Part 1
0930 – 1100 Round Table discussion meeting. (Boardroom)
Limited to 12 representatives from Australian Industry nominated by the Principal Partner (2 places) and Tier Two (1 place each) Sponsors.
The aim of the round table meeting is to enable quality exchange of information between Defence and industry representatives. Press are not invited to attend this session. Up to 90 minutes is scheduled to enable questions from all representatives and provide ample opportunity to deliver any messages. There is no record of proceedings.

10:30 – 11:00 Main Session
Registration for those not attending the Round Table.

Part 2
11:00 – 13:00 Main Industry Briefing Plenary Session. (National Room)
This is a plenary session, open to all interested parties and representatives from Industry, Government Departments and Agencies. It consists of a presentation by a principal and usually supporting speakers. Historically around 120 to 150 people attend. Generally there are three (3) to four (4) speakers for each Meet The Chiefs Industry Briefing. About 20 – 30 minutes is allocated for each presentation including a Q&A session which can be a panel style at the conclusion. Members of the press can be invited to attend this session.

Part 3
1300 – 1400 Lunch
The principal and any support speakers sit at the ’top table’ accompanied by Australian Defence industry representatives. Other attendees have allocated tables or places.

Past and Coming Meet The Chiefs Defence Industry Briefings*

2018 / 2019

Mr Stephen Pearson, Defence Chief Information Officer.• Mr Mohan Aiyaswami, Chief Technical Officer
• Mr Paul Cazaz, FAS ICT Delivery
• RADM Michael Rothwell, HICTO
Mr Greg Moriarty, Secretary of DefenceNo support speakers
AIRMSHL ‘Leo’ Davies, Chief of Air Force• AVM Steven Robertson, Industry
Supporting the delivery of Air Power
• AVM Stephen Meredith, Air Force as a part of an Integrated Joint Force
• AVM Catherine Roberts, The practicalitie of delivering on Air Force’s Vision
Mr Mike Burgess, Director General Australian Signals Directorate• Dr Gareth Parker, Program Leader, Science Strategy & Policy DSTG
• Mr Murray Goldsmith, COO, Sense of Security
Mr Ray Mabus, 75th Secretary of the
U.S. Navy 2009-17 and former U.S.
Lt General (Ret) Kevin McLaughlin, Deputy Commander U.S. Cyber
Command 2014-17
Mr John Watters, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Strategy
Officer FireEye
Mr Bill Thomas, former Chair UK Independent Review of Defence Procurement, Small Business Task Force and Chair Cranfield School of
Special Industry Briefing sponsored by FIREEYE at the Commonwealth Club arranged and supported by Meet The Chiefs
Mr Tony Fraser, Deputy Secretary Capability and Sustainment Group• Mr Tony Dalton, DEPSEC Naval Shipbuilding
• Mr Andrew Stains, FAS Procurement and Contracting
Dr Sheridan Kearnan, FAS Defence Policy Industry Division• Mr Andrew Hodgkinson, AS Defence
Capability and Innovation; and
• Mr Stuart Cannon, Acting Chief of Division DST Science Strategy and Programs Division.
Professor Tanya Monro, Chief Defence Scientist• Dr Dale Lambert, Chief of Division, Cyber and Electronic Warfare


Mr Stephen Pearson, Defence Chief Information Officer• Mr Jeff Goedecke, FAS ICT Service Delivery and Reform;
• RADM Michael Rothwell, HICTO
• Mr Justine Keefe, CTO Division
Mr Scott MacLeod, First Assistant DG
Protect, Assure and Enable Australian Cyber Security Centre
• Dr Dale Lambert, Chief of Division, Cyber and Electronic Warfare
• MAJGEN Marcus Thompson, Head Information Warfare.
COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions Start
Ms Abigail Bradshaw, Head Australian Cyber Security Centre.No support speakers in plenary session
AIRMSHL Warren McDonald, Chief of Joint Capabilities• RADM Ian Murray RAN, Commander Joint Logistics
• MAJGEN Marcus Thompson, Head Information Warfare
• MAJGEN Mick Ryan, Commander Australian Defence College
• RADM Sarah Sharkey, Commander Joint Health
Stephen Moore Vice President and Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam,
Damien Manuel Director of Deakin's Centre for Cyber Security Research & Innovation and Chairman of the Australian Information Security Association
Gareth Cox Exabeam VP APJ business and market strategy
Richard Byfield Executive Director for Managed Security Services at CyberCX.
Expert Panel Discussion on the Global Realities in Cyber Space. Stephen Moore was virtually present from Pittsburgh and Damian from Melbourne


AIRMSHL Mel Hupfeld, Chief of Air Force• AVM Cath Roberts, Head of Air Force Capability
• AVM Gregg Hoffmann, Head Aerospace Systems Division
• Mr Peter Tesch, Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence
Mike Pezzullo, Secretary, Immigration and Boarder ProtectionNo support speakers
Mr Greg Moriarty, Secretary of Defence and
GEN Angus Campbell, Chief of the Defence Force
No support speakers
Mr Stephen Pearson, Defence Chief Information Officer.Support speakers TBA
from 17/11/20
date TBC
LTGEN Rick Burr, Chief of Army. Support speakers TBASupport speakers TBA

During 2021 the Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro, the Defence CIO Mr Stephan Pearson, the Deputy Secretary CASG Mr Tony Fraser and Chief of Navy VADM Michael Noonan are expected to make Meet The Chiefs industry briefings.

* Speakers arranged and managed by Meet The Chiefs, administration by C3i Defence Watch.

Meet The Chiefs Seating Practise

Our standard is to use round tables of eight (8) which exceeds ACT pandemic requirements and gives Meet The Chiefs clients personal space. Table sales are for eight (8) places. The National Press Club has advised us that others advertising similar events use tables of ten (10). While we understand this is ACT pandemic compliant, comments received suggests these large tables put, ‘profit above people’. Additionally, past (not Meet The Chiefs) participants have commented about being, “crammed into [rectangular] tables of six (6) meant for four (4) at the back of the room”, at similar events. Meet The Chiefs will never adopt a seating practice which suggests transaction numbers is more important than transfer of information at our Meet The Chiefs industry briefings. We believe our reputation in Canberra is our currency and we are proud to call Canberra home.

Industry Briefing Coming Events and Payment Practise

Meet The Chiefs will only advertise industry briefings which have been confirmed in writing by the Principal Speaker. We will never pretend market share or invite payment for an event which we know or suspect is neither confirmed or likely to be postponed.


  • Individual at an allocated table $234 (including GST);
  • Table of eight $1,600 (including GST);
  • Principal Sponsorship $4,400 (plus GST); and
  • Tier Two Sponsorships $2,800 (plus GST).


Principal Partner (one only per function) and Tier Two (usually around four) Sponsorships are available for each Meet The Chiefs Industry Briefing. For information email


The meals provided at Meet The Chiefs are gluten-free, either beef, lamb or chicken (ie without pork or seafood). A vegetarian option is available.  Please advise when making a table booking or using the National Press Club Coming Events website. We cannot guarantee all types of meal requests can be met. We cannot ensure an alternative option if requested on the day.


Registrations are refundable for cancellations received up to COB five (5) working days before the event. However, you may substitute another delegate at no additional fee. No refunds can be issued after that date. No cancellations are possible for confirmed sponsorship bookings.

Meet The Chiefs Pty Ltd reserves the right to reschedule an event. As much notice as possible will be given. If you have already registered and paid, we will contact you to discuss your ability to attend on the new day and refund payment if necessary.

Endorsement from the Chief of Joint Capabilities

Thank you for facilitating the Meet The Chiefs event for Joint Capabilities Group.

It was a valuable opportunity to connect with industry face-to-face and allow industry to experience first-hand the priorities and capabilities of the group.

W. G. McDonald AO, CSC
Air Marshall
Chief of Joint Capabilities

ABN 26640108425
GPO BOX 2667


Meet The Chiefs Pty Ltd is part of the Glengarry Advisory Group
Proud to call Canberra home