Meet Greg Rudd

Meet the Chiefs Pty Ltd and Glengarry Advisory Pty Ltd

Greg Rudd has worked in education, performing arts, politics, business and dabbled in the mysterious arts of trying to make sure the world doesn’t revert to stupid tribalism and start killing itself with too effective weapons. He predicted the battle between Big Global Tech and old fashioned governments still trying to secure geographical borders, a battle that has only just started.

Greg is an optimistic pessimist, who believes it is possible to make Australia work better. He has worked and lived in China and travelled the world with interesting people including a multi-faith group led by a Buddhist Master who visited the Pope twice.

Greg currently lives in Canberra working with his ex-Naval Commander business partner in Meet The Chiefs, events held with senior Defence-related leaders at the National Press Club, and Glengarry Advisory, a consulting company that helps other companies make money.

Greg is also a registered federal lobbyist and published author of fiction.